Good Morning Y’all!

I am very excited about what the day is going to hold for me. We have so many little things planned, and while I am super excited for all of them, and I really excited to hang out with grown ups later this evening. Be sure to check Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram for some behind the scenes videos and good ol’ fashioned posed photos. Well this morning is going by faster than I would prefer.. So..

To the shoooooow notes…


#YTT [My time in the office and later in the evening was so insanely productive. I finally feel caught up, and will be even closer to caught up later today. I love hanging out at Starbucks. Today I have a donut event with my girls and a neighborhood playdate. Tonight is The Book Event! Tomorrow is more work time and a visit to the dentist!]

#TODAYSGOALS [Keep on keeping on. I am on a roll!]

Love y’all. <3xojo

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