Good Morning Y’all,

My morning was a slight bit crazy. My knees are white from cleaning up the largest amount of baking powder that I have ever seen on the floor. Thanks Mister Lincoln. That was probably his sixth mess of the day. Now I know why moms of boys are so chill and cool. You have to be! My two little girls did not prepare me for this. That dude gets into and onto everything. He could probably win baby ninja warrior. Seriously.

P.S. The muffins were disgusting! They have this funky after taste! Ugh. Fingers crossed Lincoln likes them. Lol.

Okayy okayy.. To the shoooooow notes..


#YTT [Donuts with the kiddos. Starbucks #1 + distractions (the guy was SUPER nice btw). Nachos. Enough said. Neighborhood playdate. My friend is preggers. Wahoo! Lol. Starbucks #2 was a success for being productive! Picked up the kids in the rain. Grocery stores are expensive. Sushi and pizza for dinner. The Book event in The Woodlands. Website work. Cheese balls from H-E-B will change your life! Good sleep. Crazy crazy morning. Been cleaning. Lincoln is a baby ninja. Late recording of this podcast. Sorry, not sorry. Gonna go get some work done! Family time tomorrow!]

#TODAYSGOALS [Don’t give up! Lol. J/k. I didn’t go over my goals for the day. I think clean clothes are on my horizon, and just trying to finish my site before next week, and put together my #POCUMENTING episodes.]

Love y’all. <3xojo

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