Morning Y’all,

Hi y’all,

I’m backkkk. Lol. I took a super unintentional break, and have been meaning to get back to the podcast, but just haven’t. I catch y’all decently up on all things happening within this podcast episode.

My goal for the year is to sell 14 million and gross $400k. It is a bit of a hairy goal, but all good goals are; aren’t they?
Content is a more intentional priority.
We bought a new house! It is huge and need a complete remodel.
We still haven’t finished the office. Our house has taken over as priority.
We had our first client appreciation event. It was amazing. Video coming soon.
I am now a business partner is my father’s new catering business, Local Gourmet Catering!
School started for the kids, and I am bathing in uninterrupted blocks of time.
Lincoln is in full-time professional childcare for the first time ever. That is nice. Lol.
Life is good.

Okay okay. Hitting post. I am not sure how often I will podcast, but I shall let you know, when I know. Xo.

Love y’all,


Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

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