Good Morning Y’all!

Sorry, but not sorry, for taking the last three days off. They were intentional, but much needed. It gave me some time to recoup. I didn’t discuss this in the podcast, but last night before going to bed.. I got into bed about 8:15 PM, and I turned out the lights a little before 10 PM.. But last night I spend a lot of that time writing. I got a new notebook.. Dang this girl loves notebooks.. And on the spine of the book, and on EVERY page, it says “DO EPIC THINGS”. Yes, when I saw that notebook at the store, I just had to buy it!

Any who.. In my writing, I wrote down that I wanted to reevaluate my #SEGMENTS. It was something I wanted to think about this morning. I instead recorded a 25 minute podcast episode, and here we are uploading it. Being a pioneer in this industry.. As in, not very mean people, let alone real estate agents, have a daily podcast.. There isn’t a lot of people to look up to. I can’t find a mentor, and ask them, am I doing this right? How can it be better? Only by trial and error.. By documenting over creating.. By exploring, only can I figure this all out. So thank you for your continuing support as I explore, and pave a path for “normal people” like me to have a daily podcast. I am honored you are here.. Thank you..

And as always.. to the shoooooow notes…


#YTT [Wow, so much has happened in my days off. I am not going to recap like I normally do here, just listen to the episode, lol.. But what I am most excited about is this month being my most success to date, and for helping some of my favorite people from “childhood” into a home!]


Love y’all. <3xojo

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