Good Morning Y’all,
I am really excited about today and tomorrow, but I am sorry if I don’t sound like it. I woke up in the middle of the night in incredible eye pain. I was wearing contacts and my right eye just hurt the worst ever. I removed my contact, and found some eye drops. When I placed the eye drops in my eye, it felt like I had put acid in my eye; of course, I have no idea what that truly feels like, but you get the picture.
So yes, I tried to sleep in, but overall I just don’t feel well. Today is going to be a damp hair, no makeup, you lucky I am showing up in public, kind of day. Lol. Wish me luck..
And to the shooooow notes..
#YTT [husband worked. computer work. whole foods. kids. post office. car wash. grocery store. cooked a spaghetti dinner. homework. computer work. slept in cause i woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well. husband cared for the kids. podcast interviews today. har engage tomorrow.]
#TODAYSGOALS [be intentional with my kids and their homework. just stay focused when doing work related tasks. lunch date with the husband.]
#MOMLIFE | Do you help your kids with their homework? Projects for sure. And when they aren’t strong readers or new to writing, I say yes.
#REALTORLIFE | I am getting an FHA loan, what is PMI? FHA loans have PMI. Private mortgage insurance. Essentially a monthly fee that won’t go away until you pay off more than 20% of your loan.
#BUSINESS | WordPress vs. Squarespace
#RECENTPURCHASE | Califia Farms – Pumpkin Spice Latte Cold Brew Coffee
#WHATIAMREADING | The Fifth Agreement
Love y’all. <3xojo
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