Good Morning Y’all, (It is the 19th.. I think I said the date wrong. Lol.)

Oh my gosh! It is today. I get to attend my second HAR Engage in just an hour! A whole bunch of super cool people are going to be there, including: Katie Lance, Glenn Kelman, Eric Wu, and Curt Beardsley. Think Redfin, Zillow, and OpenDoor! Well I better hurry up, so I have enough time to fight traffic and be on time!

And sorry about my funny freakout about it being our anniversary on the 21st, and I haven’t planned anything for it. Love me anyways honey? Lol.

To the shooooow notes..
#YTT [Only got one interview in. Made it to my lunch date with the husband. We had veggie burgers. Imagine that. Did a little shopping. Got some new dinosaur decor for Lincoln’s bedroom, as well as a bulletin board for my office space. Then we came home. I worked a little. He picked up kids. Then he got called to work. Boo. I didn’t feel up to making dinner, so half of us had pizza and the other half had sandwiches. Then we cleaned and did tons of homework. Cameron has a project due 10/26, and she turned in her last project late, so I am making her turn this one in really early. She only has one part left. Scarlett also is working on a big-ish project. She is only in the first grade though. We have half of that left. We are also staying on top of this math stuff she has to do that I hate, and think is idiotic. But oh well. TODAY is HAR Engage! Tomorrow I have back to back meetings, so I hope my husband is home. OH, and he came home last night at 9 PM, but lost his wallet, so he headed back to the job site, but couldn’t find his wallet. Sadly it is still lost. OH, and another thing. One of my clients officially put in a revised offer last night, and we should know something mid today!]
#MOMLIFE | What are you getting your kids for Christmas? Bikes. Lincoln logs. A desk. Still up in the air.
#REALTORLIFE | What are your favorite closing gifts for clients? Something personal. I shop for them, as if they are my best friend about to celebrate their birthday, or I think back to our many conversations and think about something that would help make their new house a home.
#BUSINESS | Document vs. Create.
#RECENTPURCHASE | New bulletin board.
#WHATIAMREADING | The Fifth Agreement
Love y’all. <3xojo
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