Hi y’all!

Wow, and I thought the end of 2017 was a crazy busy one. The beginning of 2018 has been so unexpected. Sorry for that being my excuse for not recording lately, but being busy has been such a great thing!

So, I started this episode with officially announcing the name of my new brokerage, Jo & Co. Realty Group. Everything goes official this week, and I am so insanely excited to see the name of my brokerage on If I could bottom up this excitement and energy I have right now for this new company, I think the substance bottled would be near-illegal. Lol.

I am currently hanging out in my new office right now. We have spent so much time, energy, and effort into making it as perfect as possible. We still need some final touches, but I am in love.

The last real thing to do is to find agents to join this tribe of a company I am building. P.S. I am sitting at my desk right now, and there is this amazing leg rest underneath it that I knew nothing about! #winning. I have a few newer agents that are really interested, but I am also seeking established agents. OH and that link works now.. Check it out or share it with any agents you know! <3

In this episode I also hit y’all with a personal real estate update. I haven’t gotten to recording #5AMDESK with all of our late nights (sometimes not leaving the office until 3 or 2 AM. eeek.) But should get back to that soon-ish. In the mean time, I will throw little updates here and there on this series.

Well hitting the upload button.

Love y’all!


Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

Call/Text 832-493-6685
[email protected] | BLOG.REWITHJO.COM

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