Hi y’all and welcome to episode 12 of #THEROADTO.

If you haven’t listed to the other 11 episodes, I really encourage you to. There is nothing like hearing a story from the beginning. And that is exactly what this podcast series is. It is the story of the founding and build and growth of my new company, Jo & Co. Realty Group.

On this episode, I briefly talk about the struggle I have encountered when it comes to recruiting other agents. I think creating awareness for my company, my brand, and what I personally stand for is super important right now, so I am combatting people’s lack of knowledge on those things, by opening up my office as an event venue for hosting events.

The main room of my office building, second floor of 701 Sawdust Rd., I have coined “The Community Room”, and I am so excited to meet all the people who get to use it. If you have an event, that you think might host well in my space, please reach out to me.

Love y’all,


Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

Call/Text 832-493-6685

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