Hi y’all!

So if you didn’t notice, I accidentally called this episode 9, because I didn’t realize I had recorded 9 already. But any who. In this episode I talked about networking, and a little bit about how I am using it, or plan on using it.

As you can see, this was recorded on the 22nd, and so much has already happened. I indirectly talked about how I bombed “the last networking event”, but was going to give it one more try. I am happy to report, that I did a fantastic job with my articulation and actually scored 10-20 (10 recorded, 10 more to come) podcast interviewees, so keep your eyes peeled for those #POCUMENTING episodes!

Just in case you missed it..
#SAWDUSTRD Business Mixer, which is actually happening tomorrow.. Feel free to RSVP for that one..

Still have one more episode update coming, then I am off to lunch, so please don’t judge if you hear my stomach growl, AND I am putting it on the record that #5AMDESK will be back starting tomorrow!!

Love y’all!


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