Good Morning there!
Today is going to be the best day ever! “We are going to the zoo zoo zoo, just me and you you you, we’re going to the zoo zoo zoo..” That is the song I made my own and sang to Lincoln when he finally woke up. That dude slept in until 9 AM. What a beast. Lol.
So yes, to the zoo we go, with the whole family; there are now 7 of us in the house. Mackinzie moved out a month or so ago. She made us 8, but now she really makes us 9, cause she now has a baby girl named Katilyn!
But any who, a couple years ago, I had a family membership, and I am excited to get a new one going. I know there are some new exhibits, and I am eager to check them out. We are going to pack a picnic, so it should be lots of fun. The kids have been patiently waiting for today! Well we better get on with our day..
To the shooooow notes..
#YTT [found my two families houses. christmas shopping. set up appointments for third family. pizza date night. sunday night football. having us a family day. going to the zoo. website work. computer work.]
#TODAYSGOALS [focus on the family. no school today.]
#REALTORLIFE | Favorite search capabilities features on HAR
#RECENTPURCHASE | Impossible to Ignore
#WHATIAMREADING | The Fifth Agreement
Love y’all. <3xojo
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