Hi y’all!

So yes, today will be the first day ever where I have all of my kids in school at the same time, so you could guess that I am excited for this moment. It has been a long time coming, and I am so lucky that I am in this place in my business where this is possible, and where it makes sense. I do love being around my kids, but as I get more involved and more immersed in my career and company, there more I want to be present.

I am in love with my office, and I love being there. Most days I will go straight to my office after dropping off the kids, but ironically, I think today, I will be driving across town for a meeting with a potential client. Fingers crossed.

Since I left my computer at my office, and if you are on SoundCloud, you will notice my album art is not uploaded. I will fix that later today when I have my regular laptop with me.

This episode was a bit of a shorter one, and I kept referencing myself as boring, lol. Yesterday I just unloaded so much, that I felt like I didn’t have much to say today.

I do have a client that traveled across the country to buy a home, and that hopefully will happen today. They got into town yesterday, and have been staying in hotels for almost a week. A handful of kids and even more pets, they are ready for their keys to be handed over.. AND I don’t blame them!

So I am off to the gym, then to get all of the little’s kids stuff ready for school. Wish me luck. Getting back into this groove two days a week will be a tiny bit of a challenge. They need so much stuff for school, since they are so little. They need a change of clothes, diapers, nap map, extra sleeping stuff, backpack, lunch box, and to be presentable. Lol.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day! AND shout out to all the amazing women and men that came out to the office yesterday. The #sawdustrd business mixer was a huge success, and I am excited that we are all anxiously anticipating next month’s. If you would like to attend, please RSVP here,

I love y’all!


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