Hi y’all,

This update has been long overdue, and I apologize for that. But the growth my business made in the past month would make a Mama proud. Lol. And I didn’t leave y’all totally hanging.. If you haven’t check it out already, listen to the #THEROADTO series, where I am documenting the planning, development, founding, and building of my new company, Jo & Co. Realty Group.

You can listen to this episode to really become up to date on my life, but a lot has happened in the last month, and I am sure I will keep thinking of things to share with y’all. Like I went to the National Achievers Congress, and got to listen to Barbara Cochran (LOVE HER), Gary Vaynerchuck (LOVE HIM), Robert Herjavec, and George W. Bush. I learned so much from their words. They are all truly amazing people that have accomplished so much in their lives. Anyone would get so much out of looking up to any one of them.

I am going to guess not many of y’all read these show notes, so I am gonna cut it short today. My first Jo & Co. event is happening today, and I need every last second to make sure I am fully prepared! The event is the #SAWDUSTRD Business Mixer, and you can learn more about it here. It will be a monthly event, so if you can’t make this one, please try to make the next one!

Love y’all!


Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

Call/Text 832-493-6685

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