Good Morning Friends,

I am coming to you a little bit later than normal, and I am going to guess this will end up being a weekend habit, since we let the kids stay up later on the weekends. Half of today will be set aside for work (the first half), but then I will be family day-ing it up, with a visit to Obstacle Warrior Kids in The Woodlands.

The first thing I shared today was my answer to the question, Why did I get into real estate? It is a full disclosure answer, so hopefully I effectively answered it. I can get a bit emotion when thinking back to that point in my past.

Any who, I also shared 5 awesome things that I am excited about right now, including my husband coming home today, and my daughter (she is the one that just made us grand parents in our 30s!) joining my team and moving closer to us! <3 Hope you have a great weekend! <3xojo P.S. If you want to follow my life on Instagram, add me, JordanSchilleci. I do a decent job of mixing business posts with pictures of my cute kids. Lol. 9-23-2017

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