Good Morning Y’all,

Yesterday I realized that when you search for A Cup with Jo in iTunes, it doesn’t pop up, because I have only been writing it into the title bar as a hashtag, so oops about that. Hopefully by typing it correctly in the description, it will be more discoverable.

On a positive note, today is going to be amazingly awesome. I am in such a fantastic mood, so I don’t know how anything else would be possible. I did my morning routine, and I am pumped. (Probably because I get to see my husband tomorrow!)

I don’t know if you could tell, but for some reason I was super nervous on yesterday’s #5AMDESK, and then today I sped talked the whole time. I think it is because I rushed through my morning routine, because my mind/brain dump (on paper) was the longest ever, so in order to make sure I had time for my podcast before doing Cameron’s hair for picture day, was to rush, and then that led to accidentally speed talking once I made it to the podcast, so sorry about that, if that is annoying. #microblog

Today I talked about the documentary you can find on Netflix called What the Health, my personal eating habits, my late night dinner at Grab N Go Tacos here in Klein / Spring, making new friends, and who I have scheduled to interview for my A Cup with Jo podcast.

I hope you enjoy the sharing of this piece of my journey.

Love y’all. <3xojo 9-22-2017

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