Good Morning Y’all & Happy Weekend,


It is Saturday! It is our Anniversary, and sadly the husband is out of town. But as my consolation prize or kind of like my gift from the husband, I got to shop yesterday, within out feeling guilty, because I was told I could (I am being silly, just fyi, I don’t really have to ask permission or anything) shop since Hubby missed our anniversary, and wouldn’t even make it home the next day, like we assumed would be possible. Gosh that was long winded. Sorry.

So not only is it our Anniversary, but today is the day of my uncle’s wedding to my soon to be aunt. They are practically the same age as me, so this will be super fun. Plus I get to see family I haven’t seen in forever, and I get to hang out with my sister, who lives in Kansas! Woot woot. My dad will also be there, and my grandpa and grandma.. AND all of my favorites. I can’t wait.

I pretty much ramble like crazy on the podcast, so no need to do it here. Love y’all! And P.S. Today is the weekend and a crazy one, so I will just be doing #YTT, #MYGOALS, #RECENTPURCHASE, and #WHATIAMREADING.

To the shoooooow notes..

#YTT [Yesterday.. Office meeting and office work. Noon #POCUMENTING interview. 2 PM Meeting with new partners: lender & insurance guy. Home with kids after school. Shopping with Mackinzie and our two littlest babies. Today.. Showings & the wedding. Tomorrow.. Showings & photography for a new listing!]
#TODAYSGOALS [Find Lincoln his outfit for the wedding!]
#RECENTPURCHASE | Shopped at Creations Market & Workshop: && Dress shopped and show shopped with Mackinzie!
#WHATIAMREADING | The Fifth Agreement {Still}
Love y’all. <3xojo
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