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Yesterday was such an amazing day. I am sitting here writing this, and have yet to turn the microphone on. I am not sure I will be recording my segments today. I am pretty damn exciting about yesterday. As you know, I attended HAR Engage here in Houston, TX (the metropolis I live outside of). Bob Hale is our current president of HAR.

As President and CEO of the Houston Association of REALTORS® since 1988, Bob’s vision and drive have made a household brand in the greater Houston area and the most frequently visited website for Houston real estate. HAR has grown to become the largest trade association in Houston and the second largest local REALTOR® association in the country with more than 36,000 members. The website recently expanded to cover the entire state of Texas, which provides even more exposure for member listings.

What I have to say about Bob Hale is that dude has #CLOUT! He and the many other faces behind HAR Engage, Lori Carper and Christ Borden, to acknowledge a couple, managed to get us some amazing speakers and a wonderful Q&A panel.

I think today’s #5AMDESK podcast is going to be just talking about the event, what I got out of it, who spoke, and what they spoke about. This will work out well, because it is raining outside, and my #MOMLIFE duties will start earlier today, plus, I slept well for 5 hours, then couldn’t sleep for 3, yes THREE, hours, before finally get a couple hours of fragmented sleep, so needless to say, I rather not spend all morning on my podcast.. I got places to be today.. Today I will do #YTT, #TODAYSGOALS, #RECENTPURCHASE, #WHATIAMREADING, and leave out the Let’s Talk Real Estate and Q&A segments of the show.

To the shoooooow notes..


#YTT [Yesterday.. HAR Engage: Check out the Instagram and Facebook for a few pictures of the event.

#GIRLCRUSH & #MENTOR & #BADASS :: Jenelle Issaacson

#BADASS & #LEADER:: Nobu Hata

#SOSWEET & #FUNNY :: Richard Oritz

#KNOWLEDGABLE & #AROCK :: Jeremy Conoway

Also got to listen to and meet :: Glenn Kelman, Eric Wu, and Curt Beardsley. While they were super informative, I tried to have a conversation with one of them afterwards about something they seemed really passionate about, and I just left the conversation unsure of what he meant exactly. I did a little research about what he was complaining about, and noticed, that he is worst than the company he complained about. It was a little odd.

You can hear that Q&A here:

Went to bed early. Today.. Upload #MYEARSTOYOURS with The Panel and #POCUMENTING with Arisela Shaw. Take kids to school. Office meeting. #POCUMENTING. Meeting. Home. Tomorrow: Showing a house at noon. Attending a Wedding.]

#TODAYSGOALS [Focus on office meeting and office tasks. Create an updated action plan for my business. Shop for our anniversary that is tomorrow!]

#HOUSECRUSH | Skipping today.
#MARKETUPDATE | Skipping today.
Read the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics! Lol.
#MOMLIFE | Skipping today.
#REALTORLIFE | Skipping today.
#BUSINESS | Skipping today.
#RECENTPURCHASE | Monat: Renew Shampoo, Restore Leave-In Conditioner. Revitalize Conditioner. Balance Mask. Rejuvabeads Split End Mender.
#WHATIAMREADING | The Fifth Agreement
Love y’all. <3xojo
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