Good morning y’all!
OMgosh! Happy Friday the 13th!! Woot woot.. For once, I did not stay up late working last night.. We had some family time watching Thursday Night Football. That was a really good game. The last half was a lot more exciting to me than the beginning, but still a close game that was fun to watch overall! But of course, a catch 22 there, because, since I didn’t work last night, now my morning is behind. But luckily, I have plenty of time to catch up.
The kids are home from school today, and I believe we are going to go see a movie tonight! I actually didn’t think that out. Now I have to go see My Little Pony.. Hum bug.. Lol. I am not a huge fan of animated movies. As a kid, I liked a lot of them, but now my favorites, are probably still the classics. I did like HOME, but I think Frozen ruined me. Lol. Just so much singing, and so many times overplayed in my house! Lol.
Any who to the shooooow notes..
#YTT [office meeting. coffee meeting with an old friend, but new local work partner. snow cones with the family. yummy leftovers. thursday night football. traffic. computer work. back to back meetings. family time. movie night. i love popcorn. showing houses. photographing a 90th birthday party.]
#TODAYSGOALS [focus on my marketing and my client’s marketing. family time.]
#MOMLIFE | Naps & evening routine.
#REALTORLIFE | The Saturday vs. Sunday debate.
#BUSINESS |  Reply to every review. Especially the bad ones.
Love y’all. <3xojo
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