Good Morning Y’all,

I am so ready for today. I love days where things go exactly as planned, I have a babysitter in house (Mackinzie my daughter), and I get to focus on work for hours straight. I obviously have no clue if today will go as planned, I stayed up late, so made the calculated decision to record after dropping the kids off at school, but I did drop them off on time (early), get my car washed, and grabbed Starbucks for us homebodies.

OH and #SPOILER blog post alert, over the next week, I will be comparing every PSL (pumpkin spice latte) I can get my hands on, and rate them in a blog post and on air next week!

OH and let me know if you have any ideas of fun things we can do with the kids. I guess we could do a pumpkin patch! They have a 5 day weekend? Well Friday and Monday off, so whatever that means!? Lol.

Well let’s get to it..

To the shooooow notes..


#YTT [closing. thai lunch = don’t recommend. shopping. post office. tv show. dinner with family. shopping. office time. those goals below. family time & fun time! surprise the kids.]
#TODAYSGOALS [build the shell website for grab n go tacos. answer emails. office work.]


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#BUSINESS | Piece of advice you live by.. Golden Rule 2.0

Love y’all. <3xojo

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