Good morning friends!

Life is so fantastic right now. It truly is. Every single time I think about what has happened and what is happening and what is about to happen, I get all emotional and teary eyed. I am in that moment. The between moment. Things are changing. Things are huge. The big inclination is that at least 5 people called me this week requesting to work with me, and at least 3 last week.

March started off with me closing on my biggest transaction. … OH my gosh.. The puppy dog just fell off the couch.. It was so funny.. He is bigger than he thinks.. Don’t worry, he didn’t get hurt! … Then all these new clients. I am so lucky. I am so blessed.

So I didn’t talk about this on the podcast, but I need to. It is so ironic how I work and how I am. Like in my brain. One of my biggest compliments since working at a portrait studio as a young something in my 20s, and honestly before in all my years as a nanny.. I was always complimented on how patient I was. And I still am. I am patient with every single client. No matter how many houses they want to see. I just make sure they aren’t taking advantage of me. I make sure they are appreciative. I place myself in their shoes. The transaction they are about to make is huge. I recognize how important it is to them, and then in turn, it becomes even more important to me. It is their importance stacked on top of the importance of my career and legacy. Any who.. Patience is really a huge part of my customer service side of my business, but when it comes to being patient to hit my goals and things like that, I lack patience. I just want my future to unfold before me.. Well it is happening y’all.. It is happening.

Okay okay, so I doubt anyone reads the show notes. I am out of here. I have a day full of the most showings I have ever shown ever, and I get to meet 2 new clients.

But if you are still reading, jump on Yelp or my Facebook, and check out the office!!

Love y’all,



Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

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