Good Morning Y’all,

So it took me two attempts to get this episode recorded, and I forgot to tell you during this recording my thought process and reasoning behind taking a day off. As you know, I just launched Jo & Co. Realty Group, and that has taken up my life, to the point of near consumption, for the last 4+ months.

I was talking with a friend the other day, and he mentioned I kind of disappeared and fell off social media. I don’t remember intentionally doing this, minus how I recorded 4+ episodes and waited a month or so to upload them while I secretly planned my new business.

But any who.. I am glad to be back on the radar, and back sharing everything that is happening in my life. But I did need a tiny break. I have never had a break of this sort, and so it is neat. I am not doing anything exciting, since my husband has to work, but I am still hoping this will be good for my soul. We actually have verbally started planning our next vacation, which won’t be until next summer. We are thinking Thailand. I have actually never been anywhere out of The States, unless you count a wedding in Mexico City, in which I felt carsick (from the taxi rides) the whole entire time, and I was pretty much a child. So I don’t feel like that counts.

I feel like I am getting away from the episode a bit, but in this episode I tell you about my little adventure and story behind surprising my husband for Valentine’s Day!

Okay okay. I am jumping off here, to finish the upload of this episode. Please be sure to listen to the next episode. It is a new series I am doing called, #ITWASYUMMY. This series will be my place to document my lunches around The Woodlands, but since I am out of town, I wanted to start with a special edition, a place in Midland.

I hope you enjoy both episodes! Thanks for listening.

Love y’all,


Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

Call/Text 832-493-6685

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