Good Morning Y’all,

It is Tuesday. Tuesday is really like a nice Monday for me. I get to work all school day, which is the bestest. I am really really gonna be short and sweet. I might have stayed up too late last night getting some things in order. Ooops. But life is good. #noregrets


#YTT [Yesterday. I got things done at the office. I had an amazing morning in Starbucks. I made some really cool new friends. Came home to hang with my littles. My dad came over. We celebrated birthdays. Listing appointment. Chill out. Sleep. Today. Lots of time to work. Need to do homework with kids. Tomorrow. Cameron’s birthday! Celebrating with her friends with ice cream after school. Taking her out for dinner. Bunco with my girl friends! I can’t forget the tea!]

#TODAYSGOALS [Address holiday cards. Plan delivery of client gifts. Pay a bill. Signage questions. Schedule a dentist visit.]

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