Good Morning Y’all,

Coming to y’all from the floor this morning. It just looked safe and comfortable. Last night was a very scary night. I suffered through an episode of vertigo, and it was traumatizing to say the least. I really don’t even know how to comprehend the moment, but acknowledge it happened, I am scared of it happening again. I am obviously not paralyzed by the experience, but it took me by surprise to say the least.

I am optimistic about today. I have a feeling I am going to have a very very good day. Oh my gosh.. I finally just sneezed. If I was going to guess, I would guess that last night when I needed to sneeze, but couldn’t, that some pressure built up, and that caused the vertigo, but I am no doctor.

But yes, today will be a great day. Yesterday was a very full #momlife day with one #realtorlife phone call. I am about to get that listing (in Creekside) that I mentioned running the comps for while at Starbucks the other day when the stranger talked to me for one hour when I only had 90 minutes to work. Lol. So that is exciting. I meet with them on Thursday.

Well Cami needs me to take her to choir.. I’m off for now.. Sorry for the short episode, but I did record a raw & unscripted last night..

P.S. Everybody Writes is a fantastic book by Ann Handley. You should pick it up!

And to the shooooow notes..


#YTT [Cleaned house. Did laundry. Got organized around here. Read a little of my new book, Everybody Writes. We ate lunch out. Target run. Important phone call. Getting a new listing. Picked up kids from school. Dad came over. Ordered pizza. Picked up pizza. Park time! Had a blast. Came home. Dad played with them. Baby went to bed. Had popcorn. Showered them. Organized Link’s closet. Kids to bed. Me to bed. Vertigo sucks. Sleep. Today I have an office meeting. Lunch. Getting work done. Target run. Grab kids. Probably going to feed them leftovers. Tomorrow just working. Nothing big planned.]

#TODAYSGOALS [Upload a #POCUMENTING episode tonight. Continue working on the website. Find some road tripping shorts!]

Love y’all. <3xojo

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