Good Morning Y’all,

I CANNOT believe that we made it to episode 50. What a huge mark! I believe yesterday was the kid’s 50th day of school, #sidenote. So I have been wanting to have this launch party for #ACUPWITHJO, but with all the holiday parties, and the illness that swept my house, I haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe when I have interviewed 15 guests/small business owners for #POCUMENTING, I will just have some type of celebration! Ideas welcome.

I tried to upload this podcast an hour ago, and somehow my computer was completely dead, so rushing, like aways. Gotta get ready and then make the kiddos yummy breakfast. Wish me luck.

To the shooooow notes..


#YTT [Lincoln slept in. Checked out a new place called Kanga for the kids to play. Lunch took 45 minutes. Will go back, but they need to give their “food service” some major attention if they want to actually make money on food, otherwise people are going to just get Chick-fil-A before they head over. Nap time. Kids home from school and grocery shopping. Friends over. Made two batches of chili. Can’t wait to eat the other batch. Family time. Colored Christmas placemats. Watched a Christmas movie. Then another. I went to bed and read. Today I have showings at 10 AM and plan on making french toast. Want to visit the museum and hangout with kids a lot. Tomorrow will be church and open house, then family time! #CHILIFORDAYS #HAPPYMOM #EASYBUTTON]

#TODAYSGOALS [Showing houses. Family time.]

Love y’all. <3xojo

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