Good Morning Y’all,

One more domino fell. My daughter gave it to her boyfriend. He came over to take care of her the other night, and after doing that for two days, he caught it. Super sad, but hopefully he doesn’t have to miss too much work. Being young, and missing work is not an easy thing.

For the record, I still feel like a train ran me over. I am not sure exactly why, but I guess just being lethargic or something, who knows? I didn’t end up making it to my fundraiser walk today. I am just a bit out of it still. I slept in a little bit, my sweet Brent (I have nicknamed him Brenticus, like some Roman Warrior (were those even a thing?), took care of Lincoln this morning, allowing me to do so. It was nice. But morning still hit me fast and sharp. This morning, I am meeting with a current seller to reduce her price.

Pricing is a tough cookie. I like to stand by my advised pricing, but sometimes there are just situations where you list for where the seller requests. I have never had a situation like this before, so this was new territory. This was a very special circumstance. I knew these clients needed ME, so I listed where they requested. To get back to the point, they emailed me a night ago, saying I could reduce the price, so this morning we are making it official.

After my meeting I have big plans to hit up the mall.. There is something I have been wanting to purchase for a little while now, and today is the day! Any who.. To the shoooow notes..


#YTT [Y: Scarlett stayed home. I still didn’t have the energy for a full blown meal, so we scrounged and had soup & leftovers. After putting the two smallest to sleep, the girls and I headed out to find Halloween costumes. We watched movies, and I wrote and got organized. T: Meeting & Mall. T: Not sure.]

#TODAYSGOALS [Family time.]

Love y’all. <3xojo

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