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So my night did not go as planned, really no part of my day has, but.. Sometime a bit before 3 AM, one of our daughters came downstairs proclaiming she had gotten sick. I asked her if she made it to the bathroom. She said yes, I almost did a happy dance, but then she told me, she didn’t get the lid open. So if we are friends on SnapChat, I apologize for being insensitive with my 3 AM snap, I was a bit overwhelmed, and running on fumes.

Today is my day off, and by day off, I mean laundry duty, booty wiping, cheerio picking uping, as well as all other #momduties happening over here. And between that, I have been trying to upload this podcast four at least 4 hours, but my email inbox and phone alerts keep pulling my attention away from, what is typically a super easy task. I did manage to feed us all an oatmeal breakfast, so I do feel accomplished.

No complaints here, just chatting.. So yesterday happened.. I will type about the doggie and client real quick, then go into the show notes.. I arrived to take photographs a little after 2 PM, and discovered my client’s husband’s dog had broken the fence and ran away. I helped her deal with that, I will link the FB post below. The dog is older and sweet and all I have to show you, is a cross-stitched artistic “photo”. If you see her or know someone that lives in Legends Trace, please share with them this story. She was panicked when I arrived, but we proceeded to photograph the house. She had to leave the hospital to let me in, so I hurried, as she mopped the floor. This family is ready to sell their house, I will shyly link it below. I typically would have staged this house before photographing. They are from Hungary, and ready to make it back “home”.

Puppy photo and info..

To the shoooooow notes..

#YTT [Yesterday: 10 AM showings. 2 PM Photography listing appointment. Office run. Family time. Today.. Homebody. Pizza at the elementary playground for dinner. Tomorrow.. Office meetings. Mentorship class. Drone shots off Grand Parkway 99 and Boudreaux.]
#TODAYSGOALS [Dump space on laptop. Normal mom stuff. Like homework and feeding everyone. Lol. Once they asleep, upload podcasts!]
#MOMLIFE | Where can you go to get a massage with childcare included? VillaSport in The Woodlands & Cypress.
#REALTORLIFE | I am searching for homes online, what does option pending mean?
#BUSINESS | Where can I go to get some in person training for Facebook and Facebook Ads? 9 AM Networking & Class at Creations Market & Workshop.
#RECENTPURCHASE | Harvest Snaps – Snapea Crisps
#WHATIAMREADING | The Fifth Agreement {Still}
Love y’all. <3xojo
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