Good Morning Friends,

I have only had a banana yet today, so bare with me, my stomach is growling here, and I might get distracted during this description writing. Yesterday was a good day. I got so much accomplished and I read a whole magazine. #GOME

I have been doing pretty decent with my morning routine and loving the segments aspect of #5AMDESK. I still feel like it might be missing something, but I did record 20 minutes worth, so maybe not. Let me know your thoughts though, and I think I still need help with wrapping up the show. Maybe some parting words of wisdom or a quote! I think I will do a quote! Lol.

Let’s get to it..


#YTT [Whole foods. Office time. Veggie burgers. Shopping. Simple day. Open houses. Showing houses. Bierocks in Hays, KS.]
#TODAYSGOALS [New client focus. Touch base. Prepare. Blog post. New podcast episode.]



#REALTORLIFE | Closing ESTIMATES brought to you by Patrick,

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Love y’all. <3xojo 10-6-2017 Jordan Marie Schilleci, REALTORĀ® Beth Ferester & Company |

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