Good Morning Friends,

Today I mostly talked about what I am currently focusing on. And you probably are thinking, how can one focus on that many things? But it is possible. Time blocking helps. I try to concentrate on only one thing at a time. My word for the year was “intentional”, and in the last few months, I had gotten away from that word. Well I am coming back to it this month!

I also talked about wanting to fundraise for the local elementary school in my neighborhood. The sun beats down like crazy most months of the year, so I would love to provide some shade for the kids on the playground. Let me know if you would like to donate!

And one thing I forgot to mention that I want to learn more about, is the editing software I am using for #POCUMENTING. If anyone would like to hang out and teach me a bit about Adobe Audition, I would owe you big time.

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic day and morning, and I will catch y’all tomorrow. Hopefully with a little more structure to my #5AMDESK.

Much love. <3xojo 10-4-2017 Jordan Marie Schilleci, RealtorĀ® Beth Ferester & Company

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