Good Morning Y’all,

So I totally just recapped my yesterday, today, and tomorrow, hope you don’t mind. The only real meat and potatoes was discussing the recurring them to yesterday that popped up all week, and that was “Do what you say.”

Things I forgot to talk about: I was listening to Brain Twins yesterday, and they mentioned “stream of consciousness” as a type of podcast. That was a new term for me, and today totally hit that on the nose. The girls at Freebirds on Lake Woodlands Drive are the nicest. Well the two making our burritos were so personable. They made an impression on us! AND I can’t wait to see Brittney from Chicago Title today! Love that girl. Well..

I’m off to get all pretty for the In the Pink luncheon. <3xojo P.S. I got that listing! They just called! #HAPPYDANCE 9-29-2017 Jordan Marie Schilleci, Realtor, Beth Ferester & Company

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