Good Morning Friends,

Sorry it has been so long. For the last 7 weeks I have been working out every day, with over 50 workouts clocked at Delta Life Fitness. I am a new huge believer in group fitness for that built in accountability and for the friendships I have created. I am still working out at home, but it is true, I am addicted to my Delta Life classes.

Then for the last 8 weeks I have been drinking ketones every day, and honestly, that has changed my life. I went on YouTube some days back and uploaded a video, I look crazy bloated in this video, but oh well.

I have been consistently updating and documenting my life over on Instagram, so if these hiatuses are rubbing you the wrong way, just find me there,

But business is going great. I have closed on 5 deals so far this year, with 7 on the books, and 4-5+ in the wind. I am exactly where I want to be goal wise, and I tear up every time I think about it. My whole life is right here being laid out in front of me, and it isn’t possible for me to be any happier. Life is good.

Well I am uploading this mid-workout, and I still have to wake and dress the kids.

I hope you have a fan-freaking-tastic day. I think I am getting a leisure day, as starting Thursday, I don’t see one in sight. Oh yes, and I can’t forget to tell ya, I am building in TWO off days (Tuesday/Thursday) this summer for the kids!!

Love y’all,


Jordan Marie Schilleci
Jo & Co. Realty Group

Call/Text 832-493-6685

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