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I love the idea of writing a “hello world” post. While I don’t think this late at night attempt will be my best one yet, it is what it is. But what is “it”? “It”, or rather this, is an announcement. With a glass of ice water, and a box of lozenges by my side, I am excited to officially announce my latest dream turn reality. Tomorrow I will record my day, in order to produce my first podcast in a manner I will refer to as pocumenting. Yes, I did just marry the words podcast and documenting.

I don’t have all the details set in stone. All of what I mostly know is that “I want to have a podcast.” While, I haven’t been in the podcasting world for very long, I am obsessed. My introduction to podcasts is a bit vague, but I remember it appearing on my iPhone, but I don’t specifically remember using it until three years ago, when I discovered “Paleo”, the eating lifestyle.

That interest did fade, along with listening to those particular podcasts. It was about the same time I started classes to obtain my real estate license. I listened to everything and anything that was related to the real estate industry. Eventually that obsession no longer consumed me, and I moved on to some top iTunes podcasts. My most favorite was StartUp. I begin listening three seasons in, but did start at the beginning, and I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this series before then.

I instantly became obsessed with StartUp, all things Alex Blumberg, and Gimlet Media. Once I had listened to all three seasons, I moved on the The Mystery Show. Those two podcasts are probably my all time favorites, oh and I can’t forget Serial (which is not a Gimlet produced podcast but amazing all the same). I would like to note that as I write this, I am still on pins and needles awaiting the announcement of the next season of The Mystery Show. Just saying, Gimlett and Starlee, just saying.

Any who.. What I loved most about Blumberg and Gimlet’s style is the way they produced the shows. Not only am I and the rest of the listeners obsessed with the way they do their advertisements, but I love the way they weave recordings of actual events with scripted studio recordings. This method is the butter to my popcorn and the sugar to my koolaid.

This method is one I want to incorporate into my podcast. My world isn’t as flashy or exciting as the ones in the top 50 on iTunes, but it is one I want to share none-the-less. I feel like I have something to offer, especially on a local level.

So please come along with me on this journey.

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