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Today (Wednesday, October 24th, 2018) I attended a conference, that HAR (Houston Association of Realtors) puts on every year called, HAR Engage. Chris Smith, author of two books, including the best seller Conversion Code, and co-founder of Curaytor, was our opening speaker and keynote. I have known Chris four a couple years now, and I believe I picked up on his book a bit before then. He is the leader in the real estate tech and coaching industries, and since being introduced to him (probably via a podcast or his retired YouTube show, “Watercooler”), he has been a mentor and friend of mine. So earlier today, when I shyly asked him, if I could interview him for my podcast, he graciously said yes.

Chris, his videographer, and I did find a quiet space to record, yet the audio isn’t perfect, so I apologize for that, and for some tiny interruptions from people interacting near us. Any who, without further rambling, enjoy the first episode in the series #7QUESTIONSWITH.



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